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Catering & Hospitality covers an array of indirect spends, including food supply, non-food consumables, beverages, vending, equipment and contract catering.

For many of our clients, spend in these areas can be significant and the number of incumbent suppliers numerous.

A little more information

Service, quality and reputation are everything in the Catering & Hospitality Industry. Our Catering & Hospitality Team focuses primarily on identifying solutions that meet or exceed your current position; cost is not everything and we appreciate you are only as good as your last meal. Our aim is to present options to allow you to make an informed decision.

Our experts go to great lengths to capture your requirements to ensure the options they recommend are realistic, match your requirements and can be implemented seamlessly. They seek your agreement at each stage so that you are aware of their train of thought and can be reassured suggested outcomes satisfy your requirements.

Existing clients include State and independent schools, federations, trusts, colleges, universities, 3rd sector organisations, food wholesalers and re-sellers, workplace caterers, leisure companies and attractions, care groups and homes, holiday resorts, football clubs, airside VIP lounges and hospital caterers.


  • Bar Consumables
  • Catering Consumables
  • Contract Catering
  • Equipment Maintenance Catering
  • Food Stuffs
  • Vending Machine
  • Water Coolers

Catering Services

Our experts have decades of experience in the industry and once sat where you are now, so appreciate the challenges you have in balancing quality against the ever-present need to achieve optimum value for money.

What do you hope to achieve. Is it simply saving money, or is it consolidating your current supplier-base, looking for inspiration, hearing about best-practice observed across our numerous clients, new products, menu suggestions, funding equipment, adhering to allergen legislation, identifying, selecting and tendering your contract catering requirement to providers or a multitude of other issues.

Their approach is to start a conversation with you, including a site visit to understand the challenges you may have. Does your lack of storage space require you to order more frequently than you would wish to. Are their time parameters that deliveries must meet or are there elements of your supply which are not open for debate – local suppliers perhaps who you have built an excellent working relationship over many years.

We take all of this into account and involve you in the process so that you contribute and have ownership for the outcome because we know the vast majority of catering managers and executive chefs can quote from memory what they pay for items, from whom and to what level of quality.

Catering & Hospitality spend data can be extremely complex. Our team has provided outstanding results for data that has run to 41,000 lines and frequently works on behalf of chains and groups operating multiple sites with spend running into £Millions pa.

Most clients do not have the capacity to analyse their requirements to a level of detail that obtains maximum value from tender responses. We do. Many clients struggle to benchmark their more subjective requirements, such as quality of service. We do. Many clients don’t implement change seamlessly and obtain savings and service envisaged. We do.

Think of our team as an extension of your own in-house team; an instant, expert resource that can hit the ground running and which knows which suppliers are offering the best mix of pricing and service. Don’t forget we are independent and so can offer you a full-market review to offer the most appropriate solution to suit your needs. In many cases this may be an incumbent supplier but at a reduced cost and with additional benefits. Negotiation is key.

Examples of Reductions and additional benefits to clients

Independent School28%

Retained incumbent supplier at reduced cost.

Holiday Company10%

Negotiated additional rebate, paid 6-monthly.

Premiership Football Club10%

Retained local supplier; consolidated supplier base.


2-supplier solution, consolidated from 15 previously.

Public Sector Caterer7%

Additional savings beyond internal review.
(£80k pa. saving)

Independent School12%

Change of contract caterer to a more proactive partner.

County Council17%

Sole supply solution, consolidated multi-million spend.

Leisure Park10%

Multiple suppliers and manufacturers.

Hotel Chain16%

Supplier rationalisation, improved product range.


Developed planograms, supplier rationalisation, local provenance from selected packers, multi million £ project.

some additional advice

Some clients have issues with their current operation yet are too close to take a step back and assess what is required.

Our Catering & Hospitality Team has the wherewithal to do this on your behalf and share their experience and observation of best practice to make sensible, practical advice, if asked.

This develops over the period of engagement between you and us and is based on trust and a mutual desire for consistent improvement. We’re here to help and add value to your organisation.

Catering Case Studies

Category Savings:25%
Category Savings:17%
Category Savings:3%
Chris supported the School in reviewing its catering requirements and undertaking a competitive tender. He provided objective assessment criteria and critical analysis of our thinking in order to support our decision-making. He was authoritative on matters in the wider catering industry; credible in discussing the specific needs of schools in our sector and systematic in his analysis. We were all very impressed with the value he brought to the exercise and our final decision.- Caroline Purdom, Bursar, Davenies School, Beaconsfield

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