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Reduce Facilities Management Costs

Our Facilities Management team specialise in creating and implementing bespoke practical supply chain solutions that deliver savings without compromising service.

Our team has worked in and with the FM Marketplace for many years and have significant influence over suppliers due, in part, to our knowledge and combined purchasing spend.

A little more information

ERA’s Facilities Management (FM) team has been specifically set up to address the needs of any client who operates within the built environment. The FM team has a wide range of skills and experience gained over many years that directly benefit our clients by providing specific resources with the right skill set required to complete any given task. By fully understanding the requirements of the project, we are able to deploy the right bled of consultant skills at any one time, ensuring the highest possible quality work whilst delivering results as soon as possible. In this way the results positively impact bottom line performance quickly.

Our unique and robust procurement methodology enables us to deliver solutions that will not only meet your current requirements but will also deliver results that are sustainable over time.

Today’s scope of FM is broad with significant budgets which are being reduced whilst the function is not always given the importance it deserves.

Whether you have your own in-house team or outsource your FM function, the scope of FM is ever increasing due to regulatory demands. As budgets decrease as a result of the economic downturn, business leaders have to ‘do more with less’.

Whether you lease a state-of-the-art city centre HQ, own a commercial unit in an out-of-town business park or manage a multi-site estate across the country, the cost of your business premises will be a significant overhead. The largest overhead can offer the most potential for savings and process improvement.

With recent changes in the law managing compliance has become a key demand within businesses and for facilities management professionals, who are now spending up to 30% of their day on dealing with regulations. Despite this, it is unlikely that budgets will increase, therefore saving time and money in all areas is crucial.


  • Engineering
  • Equipment Maintenance FM
  • General Facilities Management
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Security Services

Facilities management Services

ERA’S Facilities Management team has been set up to specifically address the needs of clients who have a building to maintain. We will work across many market sectors, where ever there is a building there is an opportunity to improve service delivery and reduce costs.

Our FM team can deliver innovations through;

  • Needs analysis and Specification Design
  • Solution design and forensic analysis of data and contracts
  • Bespoke software support for our clients
  • Project delivery, management and on-going audits
  • Sustainable procurement solutions “Bundling up” contracts
  • Consolidation and rationalisation of services and suppliers
  • Selection, negotiation & engagement of specialised contractors
  • Supplier management and development

We also provide:

  • Value added procurement & streamlined process
  • MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Operations
  • Soft & Hard FM (Facilities Management)
  • Energy Management and Energy procurement solutions

Our approach

There are a number of different approaches to FM which broadly fall into the following categories each having their own advantages and disadvantages;

  • Statutory inspections
  • Reactive maintenance & planned preventative maintenance
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Business focused maintenance
  • Output Specification based Service Delivery Models

By understanding and defining the things that are important to our Clients’ business we will be able to advise which is the most appropriate option to support an efficient and safe working environment, and within budget.

Then by benchmarking the current situation we carrying out an independent and comprehensive tendering process enable us to draw up a recommendations report which will meet the requirements of our Clients business both now and into the future.

We then continue to work with our Client and suppliers to ensure the mobilisation and transition phases run smoothly and without loss of service quality.

Our objectives are to ensure our client has the most effective Service Delivery Model that meets their business requirements whilst meeting all necessary compliance obligations, at a sensible price.

Facilities Management Case Studies

Category Savings:20%
Category Savings:19%
Category Savings:10%
“I could not recommend Expense Reduction Analysts highly enough: they have helped us reduce costs massively; they have worked with us to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation; and we have just learnt that our Head Office of 350 people has reached zero to landfill.”- Phil Johnson, Head of Environmental Services, DFS

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