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Reduce Fleet Management Costs

ERA Fleet Cost Management team is committed to building long-term relationships based on openness, teamwork and trust.

Our service is designed to minimise administration, maximise visibility and optimise ongoing costs.

We work entirely in partnership with our clients, delivering tangible benefits and providing tailored services to meet their goals and ultimately find extra profit.

A little more information

We are not a broker, a contract hire company, or car dealer, but a specialist division of ERA that works with client organisations to help them get the best out of their fleet suppliers and their contracts.

Operating a fleet of vehicles is typically a top 3 spend for an organisation and we look at all the constituent cost parts to provide a “Whole Life Cost” analysis – even if you operate less than 20 vehicles.

ERA Fleet Cost Management specialise in cars and vans up to 3.5T and undertake a full holistic review of all the aspects of spend under the key categories: Acquisition, Operation and Policy.

Our consultants come from careers within the fleet sector often working for fleet solutions businesses selling into corporate accounts, so are fully acquainted with all aspects of contracts and understand where and how to ensure they work to your maximum advantage, and not against you.

Our initial review and subsequent reports highlights the options available and allow you to remain in control of decision making at all times, whilst offering strategies and terms which reduce expenditure and exposure.

In addition we stay with you beyond implementation, to maintain supplier relationships and regularly monitor and provide reporting to ensure that price and service level promises are maintained throughout a full replacement cycle of your fleet.


  • Policy Advice
  • Manufacturer/Lessor Reviews
  • Vehicle Procurement
  • All In-Life Operations
  • Short Term Hire
  • Fleet Management
  • Grey Fleet
  • Whole Life Costs Analysis
  • Duty of Care
  • Telematics
  • Tax & NIC Liabilities
  • Accident Management
  • Peer Group Comparisons

Our Fleet proposition

We run two services: both are designed to give you maximum visibility of your fleet operations and reduce the overall cost. Fleet is often a substantial cost for any organisation and keeping track of vehicles, drivers, usage, benefits, which product is best-fit for you, depends largely on the size of your fleet.


FleetBase is designed specifically for lower-volume fleet owners; typically running less than 50 vehicles. These can be a combination of ‘company cars’ (and vans) and ‘grey fleet’; those vehicles owned by employees but used – regularly or occasionally – for work.


FleetPlus is designed for organisations running typically more than 50 vehicles, where there is more complication and greater cost. Our service here looks in detail at all the factors that are important in understanding the total cost of ownership to both the business and the employees. Projects in this area tend to involve Finance – to look at how to finance acquisition and understand the implications of taxation; HR – to look at the implications for employee benefits and staff morale and Operations; to interrogate the day-to-day data and look for opportunities to optimise usage.

For more details, please click the respective tabs below.


For organisations operating fleets of fewer than 50 vehicles, our FleetBase solution provides a purchase management programme that ensures that best price is achieved as every vehicle requirement is tendered to a panel of providers. There is no low bar to entry and we welcome enquiries from organisations making the first tentative steps into vehicle fleet as well as those nearer the upper limit and beyond (see below).

In addition FleetBase clients are provided with access to a superb online fleet management system – “e-fleet”. This portal allows organisations to keep track of all owned, hired and grey fleet vehicles, irrespective of the provider, as well as providing a wide range of management reporting.

The cloud-based system gives users 24/7 access to live data, which includes a range of additional reporting features, giving you instant visibility of the entire fleet & grey fleet. Powerful management and reporting tools offers both managers and drivers a dashboard that allows them to monitor usage and access information such as servicing, MOT, repair and vehicle contract details.

The portal generates operational efficiencies and reduces administration time and costs. Often clients find the additional features invaluable; they include the ability to compare vehicles, view maintenance and repair logs and drill into individual vehicles and drivers.


We have sample user accounts available should you wish to get inside the system and take it for a test drive. To set up an overview session, or to request login details, please contact us.

System Features include:

  • On-line quote/ordering facility
  • Single source of all vehicles on fleet and on order
  • All relevant vehicle and contract data regardless of provider – including owned vehicles
  • Cost centre/driver allocations
  • Mileage capture and predictive mileage reporting
  • Driver management
  • P46/P11D reporting
  • Driving licence checks
  • “Grey Fleet” (private cars being used for business)
  • Notifications Service due/overdue. MOT due/overdue
  • Contract renewals


Our FleetPlus service is our bespoke approach for organisations with larger fleets of cars, vans or trucks. With this unique methodology, we apply our experience to help you in three main areas; Acquisition, Operation and Policy.

We cover all these areas in a comprehensive requirements gathering and project process, whereby we are able to provide clients with a clear picture of the total cost of vehicle ownership and provide advice to minimise exposure during the contract term.

Fleet Circle Diagram


ERA can help to advise not only on what to buy and from where, but how to buy too. In this area, we tend to work with the Finance Director and the C-suite executives.

Various procurement methods are available and the way in which you purchase and account for expenditures such as these can make a substantial difference. The fleet market is flexible and we can ensure that the way in which you procure your fleet is most suited to your needs, whether on or off balance sheet.

Our experts are able to provide advice on managing purchases. We will competitively tender for each vehicle requirement across a number of appropriate suppliers in order to ensure that the most competitive market rates are achieved.

Finally, the skill, experience and knowledge of our experts allow us to gain access to enhanced terms of service that are not readily available in the market. Our negotiations with the market means your contract will work for you, instead of the supplier.


From an operational perspective, ERA’s fleet management team will work alongside client stakeholders such as Fleet Operations Managers or Operations Directors.

We work to help you to monitor business mileage costs, reviewing fuel, servicing, tyres and other maintenance work, with a view to identifying areas for cost reduction or process efficiencies.

Our methodology and approach provides a more strategic plan for the management of your fleet, whilst minimising the reliance on expensive short term hire and reducing down time, repair times and cost and administration of accident management.

Many organisations miss out on opportunities to generate efficiencies and savings in their fleet operations through a lack of attention to detail and a lack of visibility. Having clear operational targets, working to actively reduce waste and inefficiency and regularly reviewing service deals and can generate worthwhile dividends.


In these areas, we tend to work with Finance and the HR department to help understand the myriad legal, financial and tax implications for the business and the individual vehicle users; whether owner operated or company fleet.

We can help with internal policy, helping to write vehicle policy documents for clients from a position of knowledge and experience. This includes ensuring we give both the business and the drivers a clear picture and full understanding of the implications of their decision making.

We can assist with policies on vehicle choice and allocation, optimum term of lease and mileage configuration, advising on the virtues of ‘cash vs. car’, looking at employers’ duty of care, driving policies, assessing the environmental impact and working to reduce carbon footprints.

Clients that work with us tend to find that our approach helps them to clarify a complicated picture, allowing themselves and their staff to make better, more informed decisions whilst understanding the implications of their choices.

Fleet Case Studies

Category Savings:16%
Category Savings:15%
Category Savings:11%

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