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When it comes to procuring gases a thorough understanding of the technical issues surrounding the purchasing is essential.

A little more information

Our expertise covers gases, cryogens and LPG, as well as refrigerants. Our Specialists are drawn from industry, with long careers in the pharmaceutical sector and a thorough understanding of the procurement of gases as both a buyer and an end user.

We have a thorough understanding of the supply market and strong relationships with the major players.


  • Cylinder
  • Bulk
  • Industrial

our approach

First of all, we work to understand what contracts are currently in place. We are equally happy to talk to organisations that are both about to negotiate and currently locked into contractual terms for a period of time.

We focus on a number of areas including:

  • Service Levels
  • Supplier Relationship
  • Ordering method
  • Delivery and delivery method

Our experience covers a range of areas including industrial bulk tank gases, cylinder gases and refrigerants. Our tailored process means everything will be considered from the selection of correct material grades and formulation, incorporation of any compliance issues, transport and delivery requirements and the necessary security of supply for business critical materials.

We work hard to understand your current arrangements and more importantly your current and future requirements in order to create a solution tailored to your needs. The objectives and outcomes are often different for each client.

We have gained unique negotiation skills honed over years of experience in a range of areas including manufacturing, research and food and drink production.

It means that when it comes to contracts, we can help to negotiate better deals from existing arrangements as well as advising with new contract negotiations. Our knowledge of the market, contractual precedents set and relationships with key suppliers can generate substantial savings without compromise.

And when we do recommend a change in supplier, we understand well the technical as well as the emotional issues surrounding testing and implementation and stay with you through this process and are also available for ongoing contractual compliance and management.

Recent successes in this area include a 25% saving on industrial and special gases for an airline operator across 7 UK sites and an average 24% saving for a mining services company in the UK.

Gases Case Studies

Category Savings:25%
Category Savings:24%
Category Savings:23%
Category Savings:19%
“We work extremely closely with Expense Reduction Analysts. We almost consider them part of our procurement team. What I particularly appreciate is that they absorb a lot of the administrative burden of dealing with some of our key suppliers, even post contract agreement, so we can focus on our core business activities.- Julian Horler, Service Leader, Trane
“Expense Reduction Analysts’ unique position as THE profit improvement experts means that our clients can be confident they are receiving the best advice and benefitting from the greatest possible savings.”<br /> - Sandra Smaill, Business Manager, Vale Europe

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