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Reduce Waste Costs in Business

We help our clients to reduce their waste costs and maximise rebates on recyclable material.

Alongside this, our reviews will often assist with the delivery of corporate goals relating to recycling, sustainability and the environment.

A little more information

The waste and recycling industry has undergone a period of sustained and rapid change as a result of both legislative and economic drivers. EU directives target reductions in landfill and increases in recycling and landfill tax has been the main instrument used by the UK government.

Whilst this has justified many years of above-inflation price increases, suppliers have often used this opportunity to increase their margin annually too. Therefore, it is vital that waste producers regularly benchmark their costs against the market to avoid paying over the odds.


  • General Waste
  • Recycling
  • Clinical Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Waste Handling Equipment
  • Scrap Metal
  • Print Waste

Our approach

The first stage of any waste review is to gain a detailed understanding of the current arrangements. This is typically achieved through a combination of invoice analysis, stakeholder interviews and site surveys and will enable us to assess the direct and indirect costs of the client’s waste services.

Our experts will then:

  • Pinpoint any potential improvements to the current waste systems, such as amended collection schedules or bin sizes. Incumbent suppliers rarely have a clear incentive to reduce “fresh air” tipping costs – but we do.
  • Identify alternative waste systems, which may deliver reduced costs, improved rebates, reductions in labour or streamlined operational processes. If your organisation hasn’t reviewed its system in the past few years then there are almost certainly alternative options that could be employed.
  • Approach the market, having selected suppliers that would be a good match for the client’s needs.

Once the client has a complete and objective view of their options, we work with them to trial and implement their preferred solution.

We also have experience in helping organisations to achieve their corporate objectives relating to sustainability, for example, increasing recycling rates or achieving zero waste to landfill. These goals will be incorporated into a review and can often be realised alongside a reduction in costs.

waste & recycling Case Studies

Polythene collection service:78%
Compactor Maintenance:20%
General Waste:19%
Category Savings:74%
Scrap Metal Savings:51%
Waste Savings:29%
Category Savings:37%
``I could not recommend Expense Reduction Analysts highly enough: they have helped us reduce costs massively; they have worked with us to achieve ISO14001 accreditation; and we have just learnt that our Head Office of 350 people has reached zero to landfill.``- Phil Johnson, Head of Environmental Services, DFS

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