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Construction: Insurance Focus

Established in 1960, Acheson & Glover is a leading manufacturer of paving and flags, masonry block, retaining walls, bricks, mortarless brick system, hollowcore flooring and stairs.

Acheson & Glover’s impressive portfolio of products are manufactured to the highest standards and are supported by a fast and efficient order and delivery service, and a nation-wide sales team employing over 430 people in the UK and Ireland. The company is renowned for its professional approach and effective processes for supporting its customers.

All sectors of the economy are continually being challenged to improve every aspect of their performance, and manufacturers of construction materials are not excluded. In order to maintain and improve their competitive position Acheson & Glover regularly review their processes, including their cost base, to ensure they are maintaining pace with market and competitive developments.

The cost of insurance is a major and critical expenditure, the premium price being only one consideration; it is of no value having low-priced premiums if this results in inadequate cover. Whilst Acheson & Glover were keen to reduce their premiums, they were also very concerned the quality of their cover and service received would be the same or improved.

After initial discussions with ERAICM, a specialist division of Expense Reduction Analysts, Leonard Knox the Financial Director was confident that because of the professional processes they adopt, allowing ERAICM to investigate the cost saving opportunities would not jeopardise the quality of their cover and service.

“ERAICM provided an impartial source of information and have been able to achieve significant savings through their knowledge of and unique positioning in the insurance market place.

As a result, they have reduced our insurance costs significantly by 20% per annum. We were very surprised and delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate in recommending ERAICM to other organisations who are seeking overhead reductions. We look forward to an ongoing liaison with ERAICM and have no doubt they will continue to assist us in securing best value in the future.”

  • Insurance: 20%

“ERAICM worked very well with us and we were very surprised and delighted with the outcome.”

Leonard KnoxFinancial Director
project consultants