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£412,700 of savings for ADAS

ADAS first engaged the services of Expense Reduction Analyst Tony Catling, as it was keen to streamline its purchasing function but did not have sufficient purchasing staff to do so. Tony and his colleagues were willing to offer a fully outsourced Profit Improvement Programme, to ensure ADAS received best value from its suppliers, all on the basis of no-saving, no-fee.

Tony Catling explains, “Working with ADAS has been enjoyable but challenging. A lot of my initial work involved visiting many of its offices in order to understand the various aspects of the business and to ascertain the needs of the staff. The magnitude and variety of the project work has led Tony to invite colleagues, each with expertise in particular areas, to work with him for ADAS.

Expense Reduction Analysts has helped ADAS to achieve significant savings across a range of expenditures and over a period of several years. It is now our intent to continue to work closely with them over the coming years to further fine tune our purchasing function.

He explains, “I do not pretend to be an expert in every category of expenditure so I asked a number of my colleagues to assist me in certain areas. Expense Reduction Analyst Brian Pinner has investigated ADAS’ spend upon print and courier services, Harry Duff has focused his attentions on stationery expenditure and Darrin Hawkins has concentrated on vehicle hire. Tony also called upon the knowledge of Ashley Carr and Jonathan Hotopf to conduct several separate analyses of ADAS‘ communications expenditure.

In total, the team of 12 representatives from Expense Reduction Analysts has reviewed over £2.1 million of costs across 21 different categories and achieved in excess of £400,000 of savings.

  • Merchant card fees: 40%
  • General stationery: 27%
  • Couriers: 22%
  • Industrial gases: 16%
  • Sample milk pots: 26%
  • Postage: 2%
  • Chemicals : 27%
  • Workwear : 33%
  • Document printing: 37%
  • Mobile communications: 24%
  • Fixed telephone assets: 12%
  • Printing: 15%
  • Computer hardware: 6%
  • Landline communications: 13%
  • Vehicle hire: 12%

Categories Revisited

  • Fixed telephone assets: 5%
  • Printed stationery: 8%
  • Mobile communications: 20%
  • Landline call charges: 12%
  • Stationery: 51%
  • Landline line rentals : 4%
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