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Advance Resource Managers (ARM) recruit cost reduction muscle

Advanced Resource Managers (ARM) Limited is a specialist technical recruitment and training consultancy providing IT jobs, engineering jobs and business solutions jobs for contract and permanent staff throughout the UK and Europe.

David Langston of Expense Reduction Analysts takes up the story of the partnership between the two companies: “I had identified Advanced Resource Managers as a potential partner and an initial meeting with Mark Gawthorne he revealed that he had used us in a previous role, and was keen to do so again.

Our partnership started in earnest in October of that year, when we agreed a programme of works to review Office Consumables, Business Print and Communications. The Marketing Print project was added to the programme later.

Mark Gawthorne, Finance Director, Advanced Resource Managers Limited said: “Having worked with Expense Reduction Analysts in a past life, I had no hesitation in sponsoring their partnership with us here – confidence that was amply repaid by the savings they found.”

Significant savings, streamlined service

“I was fortunate to be able to work with specialists in these categories from the Expense Reduction Analysts network – Sue Cooke on Office Consumables and Business Print, Nigel Rosehill on Landline Communications and Keith Copestake on Marketing Print. Such expert focus enabled us to recommend changes that not only saved money but also improved service and business efficiency.”

A good example of such improvement was the procurement of business cards within the Business Print project. The incumbent provider took two or three weeks to turn these around, involving multiple iterations of proofs and corrections. Expense Reduction Analysts introduced a web-based solution: this enabled staff to enter details and proof cards online, and reduced the entire process to two or three days.

Assisting ISO14001 accreditation Following the successful review of Business Print, a detailed review of Marketing Print was undertaken. This area was becoming more important as Advanced Resource Managers were working towards ISO14001 accreditation. This presented us with an extra challenge: it was imperative that Marketing Print suppliers should have very strong environmental credentials, particularly in such areas as type of paper used, avoidance of chemicals, recycling of waste and adherence to green policies on energy and equipment.

Keith Copestake found such a supplier, who was also able to offer significant savings. The material used for Marketing Print is now Forest Stewardship Council accredited and manufactured by a company that has all of the environmental credentials required.

Landline Communications was a category that also offered hidden savings, once a detailed analysis was performed. An initial review had revealed that Advanced Resource Managers were in contract with their incumbent supplier for a further nine months. However, examination of the small print showed that the contract did not require a minimum spend nor did it restrict supply to a single source. Further analysis showed that calls to mobiles constituted some 70% of the total spend, with the result that Expense Reduction Analysts were able to recommend a solution that resulted in 48% average savings on mobile call costs.

Similarly, Sue Cooke’s first Office Consumables audit revealed more than at first met the eye: savings on stationery and computer consumables were 10%, as against a projected figure of 28%. Through a line-by-line examination of purchases, Sue identified which items were being purchased off-contract, and then worked with key stakeholders to increase contract purchasing compliance. This resulted in savings reported at subsequent audits coming into line with original projections.

“A 73% saving on Marketing Print is extremely valuable to a recruitment consultancy like us”

Mark Gawthorne sums up how working in partnership with Expense Reduction Analysts has benefited Advanced Resource Managers: “Expense Reduction Analysts have done a sterling job, as I knew they would. It is not only the savings that are significant – a 73% saving on Marketing Print is of course extremely valuable to a recruitment consultancy like us – but it is also the way that David and his team have recommended changes to processes that have resulted in far more efficient and cost-effective ways of working.”

  • Office Consumables: 31%
  • Business Print: 52%
  • Communications: 48%
  • Marketing Print: 73%

“Expense Reduction Analysts have done a sterling job, as I knew they would. It is not only the savings that are significant – a 73% saving on Marketing Print is of course extremely valuable to a recruitment consultancy like us – but it is also the way that David and his team have recommended changes to processes that have resulted in far more efficient and cost-effective ways of working.”

Mark GawthorneFinance Director
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