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Great savings for Cullimore Dutton

Cullimore Dutton is a 6 Partner practice based in Chester which can trace its history back 200 years.

As a member of LawNet, Cullimore Dutton is eligible to access ERA Legal services on preferential terms. Following an initial discussion between practice management staff and ERA Legal’s Lead Consultant Jason Adderley the firm invited ERA to review Records Management expenditure with a view to achieving tariff savings and improved commercial terms.

Jason Adderley instructed ERA Legal’s Records Management Specialist Peter Lee to conduct an initial review of Cullimore Dutton’s current arrangements. This intervention was timely, as Peter advised Cullimore Dutton that it was in a contractual position serve “protective notice” on its existing supplier immediately and proceed to tender.

The tender results projected annual savings of between 18-24%. Given Cullimore Dutton’s previous cordial relationship with its existing supplier Peter Lee recommended accepting the revised tariff and terms submitted by the incumbent – to take advantage of immediate savings and improved exit terms.

The entire project process was carried out via email and telephone, with the investment of time on the part of Cullimore Dutton being restricted to 2 hours engaged with ERA Legal in conference calls.

  • Records Management: 18-24%

“ERA Legal has assisted us in painlessly achieving savings and made it easy for us to remain with our existing supplier. The project was carried out quickly and unintrusively with our time spent solely in the receiving the facts upon which to base our decision.”

Stephen RobertsOperations Manager
Project Consultants