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Eversheds has since been rebranded as Eversheds Sutherland. 

Eversheds Solicitors improve print processes, technology and services

Eversheds is one of the largest full service law firms in the world, acting for the public and private sector. Eversheds is Ireland’s only full service international law firm providing expert legal services to a predominantly business client base across a broad spectrum of areas.

Eversheds Ireland’s Finance Director, Mike Smith, was keen to review printing services and to ensure that the firm was getting a high quality service in the most cost-effective manner.

“We were producing over 1,500 Case Bibles and printing over 5 million pages per year on a mixture of Océ Multi- Functional Devices and Hewlett Packard Printers. With such a large requirement, we wanted to ensure we were getting the most effective solution,” said Mike.

“In a large legal firm, print is actually a business critical activity. We knew that changing our facilities and services would require a professional approach, with procurement and implementation expertise required in both Information Technology and service outsourcing.”

Eversheds Ireland asked Michael Hully at Expense Reduction Analysts to assist them in carrying out the review and effecting the necessary changes.

“We felt that ERA offered us not just the technical, project, change management and procurement expertise we required but also that an independent external view would be essential if we were to achieve the best possible outcome for the business,” said Mike Smith.

Once the scope, objectives, expected outcomes, timeframes and project management processes were agreed, ERA worked with Eversheds and produced a detailed Situation Report. This report defined the current views of the key stakeholder groups, the detailed print related processes, volumes and actual business costs and the areas of opportunity for improvement and efficiency.

“The Situation Report was itself an invaluable deliverable for us. For the first time we were able to review inefficiencies and highlight issues with our processes. We obtained the views of partners and staff, as well as getting a complete cost breakdown of our printing activities, including labour and facilities,” said Mike. “We were able to use this report to gain agreement at Partner level on key policy issues on business processes and outsourcing opportunities, and then pass the baton back to Expense Reduction Analysts to run the detailed procurement exercise.”

Using their procurement expertise and market knowledge, Expense Reduction Analysts ran a formal procurement exercise for printing devices, support services and outsourced print room services to support the needs of the Eversheds Ireland business. The bid evaluations and recommendations for short-listed suppliers where then presented in a Recommendations Report to the Eversheds Print Project Steering Group and key members of the group took part in presentations and site visits to these suppliers.

“The Recommendations Report delivered an outstanding level of detailed analysis that clearly showed how the potential providers would meet demanding Service Level Agreements as well as giving us the full costs of their proposals. Michael clearly knew how to engage with suppliers to get the best from them, giving them the clarity on Eversheds’ requirements that enabled them to commit to defined Service Levels, deliver exceptionally cost-competitive proposals and bring forward added value services that will benefit our business,” said Mike.

Following the site visits, a supplier was selected for a 5-year contract to supply Multi-Functional Devices, printers and a staffed on-site print room service to Eversheds Ireland. The project has delivered much improved facilities and print room services, savings of 38%+ on the managed print estate and substantial administrative and secretarial labour efficiencies. In total, savings could exceed €900,000 over the term of the project.

Expense Reduction Analysts is continuing to assist Eversheds Ireland with on-going Supplier Management services and performance audit against a comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators.

  • I.T.: 38%
“ERA’s guidance and expertise was critical to the successful overhaul of all our printing, scanning and document production facilities and processes. With their help we now have a Managed Print infrastructure and an outsourced on-site Print Room service that delivers exactly what our business needs and that is exceptional value for money.”
Mike SmithFinance Director
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