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The Family Planning Association (FPA) was established in 1930 and is the UK’s leading sexual health organisation providing training and advice. The FPA have been providing training for over 30 years to a diverse audience and specialise in a wide range of non-clinical subjects.

All FPA courses are facilitated by expert and experienced trainers who have an extensive understanding of sexual health and experience of working with an array of users. The FPA has training facilities in the centre of London, Cardiff, Derry, Belfast and Glasgow, trainers located throughout the UK enabling them to meet their client’s needs and in 2006, the FPA ran training courses in over 100 UK locations.

Besides training courses the FPA distributes around ten million publications every year and runs a wide range of projects throughout the UK from local community initiatives to partnerships with professionals – improving good practice and access to services.

Family Planning Association (FPA) engaged ERAICM to review the insurance expenditure relating to their Risk Management and Insurance Programme, and identify where savings can be made whilst maintaining scope of cover and level of support services. ERAICM met with John Gibbons (FD) to understand the FPA’s exacting requirements for insurance cover, then, having researched the market, ERAICM selected the best alternate broker who would not only meet the FPA’s requirements but also demonstrate their suitability.

“We were very pleased with the unobtrusive and unique approach ERAICM took towards our insurance and risk programme, their expertise in alternate broker selection and market negotiations certainly paid dividends for FPA and this was demonstrated in the final outcome. We made excellent savings and were so pleased with the alternate broker we appointed them for renewal. I would thoroughly recommend any organisation to engage with ERAICM for an insurance review.”

John GibbonsFinance Director
project consultants