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Harrow School

£100,000 savings for Harrow School

The School was founded in 1572 under the Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I to John Lyon, a local farmer. His new School House was completed in 1615 and his School, beginning with one recorded pupil, settled into its gradual, if not uninterrupted, growth towards fame. No great institution can simply rest on its history, and, particularly in the last 20 years, there has been significant modernisation and much notable building.

Nick Shryane, Bursar, said “Recurring annual savings of nearly £100,000 is impressive enough. But this has been achieved sensitively, with little input from me and, crucially, without compromising quality at all. In fact, the new products have often proved to be substantially better than the ones they replaced. For these reasons, I am happy to recommend Expense Reduction Analysts without hesitation to other Bursars and Financial Directors to the extent that I have effected a successful introduction to our auditors!”

Harry Duff, Expense Reduction Analysts’ consultant comments, “We currently have new projects underway including grounds maintenance, photocopiers and merchant card fees; and we are confident that we will be able to successfully identify and implement further saving projects for Harrow School.”

  • Printed Stationery: 36%
  • Water: 19%
  • Stationery 21%
  • Building Materials: 10%
  • Cleaning Materials: 21%
  • Waste: 30%

“I have been very impressed by Expense Reduction Analysts professional and unobtrusive approach both to our staff and suppliers and have no hesitation in recommending Expense Reduction Analysts to anyone in business or an organisation that wishes to reduce its overhead costs.”

Nick ShryaneBursar