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Ensuring profitability, enhancing processes.

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society was formed in 1983 by the merger of Hinckley Permanent Building Society, which was founded in 1865, and Rugby Provident Building Society, which was established in 1861. A top 25 society, Hinckley & Rugby has total assets of more than £550 million and over 60,000 savers.

“As a mutual society, Hinckley & Rugby naturally has to spend its money wisely, so their directors were interested in my initial proposals on how Expense Reduction Analysts might work with them to achieve savings,” says Lorraine Gannon, Client Relationship Manager.

“I was fortunate to be able to call upon the specialist expertise of my colleagues, Adam Matthews and Keith Copestake, to work on Stationery and IT Consumables, and Marketing Print respectively.”

Adam Matthews comments: “At Expense Reduction Analysts, we focus on the quality of products and services, as well as the price. So, when Hinckley & Rugby had a problem with the security of their envelopes – a vital issue, given that they send out confidential information and valuable documents on a daily basis – we made sure that the new supplier delivered a product that was secure and would remain so even when holding bulky items such as passports.”

“Marketing Print was different,” says Keith Copestake. “The Building Society was focused on preserving the quality of the print work and was therefore very reluctant to switch suppliers. However, I knew that savings could be achieved, and standards maintained. I therefore persuaded the incumbent to approach the tender process as a new supplier might. This resulted in their prices coming into line with those offered by the other potential suppliers, and meant that they were retained on rates that were now in line with best market value.”

Stewart Heeley, Marketing and PR Manager at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society, summarises the benefits of working with Expense Reduction Analysts: “From the first moment, we have been kept very well informed on progress. The proof of the pudding, however, is in the savings that they have achieved from new and incumbent suppliers alike. In Marketing Print, we have enjoyed significant savings across the board from our incumbent, and for Stationery, the new supplier that they proposed is working extremely well. An additional benefit here is the introduction of an online ordering system which has dramatically reduced the administrative burden on us. An extremely successful project all round!”

  • Stationery & IT consumables: 36.3%
  • Marketing Print: 45.3%

“A major part of my job is to ensure profitability and that those profits are protected. Expense Reduction Analysts offered a solution to make cost savings and we didn’t have to do anything to achieve it.”

Andrew PaytonHinkley & Rugby
Project consultants