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Maria Mallaband Care Group

Smooth, streamlined growth for the Maria Mallaband Care Group

Maria Mallaband Care Group is one of the UK’s leading care home providers, renowned for offering luxurious, modern facilities and outstanding services. Award-winning Maria Mallaband ensures its residents receive a superior level of care, while maintaining a sense of dignity and enjoying a high standard of living.

Expense Reduction Analysts’ client manager Neil Cullen, backed up by a team of expert cost reduction consultants, first started working with MMCG in 2007. Over the course of the following three years a number of projects were successfully completed delivering significant savings in several key areas namely; stationery 32%, utilities 3-51%, telecoms 34% and medical supplies 25%. In 2010 Expense Reduction Analysts’ initial term of engagement came to an end, but for stationery and medical supplies MMCG retained our services on an ongoing basis. In both cases the focus was on maintaining supplier service levels to the high standard that MMCG had come to expect and Expense Reduction Analysts was able to tailor a service that maximised value to the organisation as whole.

Over the years MMCG’s management team have benefited from Expense Reduction Analysts’ intervention: knowing that key areas of expense were under expert control allowed them to focus more closely on the strategic changes they had to make in order to accommodate the expansion of their work.

Debjani Duncan, Expense Reduction Analysts’ medical supplies expert explains “The core focus of Maria Mallaband Care Group is to provide high quality care for all of their residents. During a period of rapid growth, it was imperative that our initial review of their costs did not in any way compromise this. Our aim was always to ensure that good clinical governance and risk management were central to all purchasing decisions in order to ensure ‘doing the right thing’ was made easy for staff.”

By 2013, MMCG had almost trebled the number of care and residential homes within it’s portfolio with a number of new developments and acquisitions. With many of the purchased sites having differing arrangements in place for their medical supplies conditions were right to re-tender the business and bring all homes, new and old, within the same purchasing arrangements.

The new RFP was expanded to include janitorial products which resulted in an addressable spend well in excess of £1m for homes located across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Over the group as a whole Expense Reduction Analysts were able to deliver savings of almost 13% having implemented a two supplier solution which has proved easy for staff to adhere to and ensures the right product mix for MMCG’s needs.

  • Stationery: 32%
  • Utilities: 3-51%
  • Telecoms: 34%
  • Medical Supplies: 25%

“As an experienced nurse with a background in NHS purchasing, Debjani Duncan, Expense Reduction Analysts’ medical supplies expert, clearly knows the products and market place extremely well. The ERA reporting and proactive supplier management provides a significant level of reassurance, knowing that ERA is working in the background to look after this highly strategic area of spend. Debjani’s review has meant that we now use a product range better suited to both our business and our residents, our staff are better trained, and we have made significant cost savings into the bargain.”

Vicky CraddockOperations Director
Project consultants