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£198,396 profit for Richmond University

Expense Reduction Analysts Consultant Andrew Lees first began working with Richmond University two years ago. Bill Scott, Director of Finance for Richmond University explains, “We engaged Expense Reduction Analysts initially to review our communications spend which was spread over five sites and two suppliers. We have students from over 100 countries so our call profile is very geographically diverse.”

Andrew called upon a fellow Consultant and communications expert within the Expense Reduction Analysts’ network to undertake the review. The result of the investigation was an impressive profit of £27,500 (21%) within this area of expenditure. Bill goes on to say, “I was pleasantly surprised with the savings which Andrew and his team identified, as well as much improved management information and ongoing monitoring.

We have since asked them to review our level of expenditure on energy and once again, they have delivered savings – this time of £33,000 (35%). Andrew has also analysed our level of spend on stationery, print and toners and identified further savings. Fellow Expense Reduction Analysts Consultant Marc Page has investigated our contract cleaning and we have restructured our banking arrangements to take advantage of better terms. Indeed, all of the projects undertaken by Expense Reduction Analysts have delivered savings, and these have been achieved much more quickly than would have been the case if we had conducted the analyses internally.”

Richmond, The American International University in London, offers its students a wide range of BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) degrees as well as selected masters’ degrees. The careful articulation of international and multicultural emphases, a community of students and staff from over 100 nations and the cultural stimulation of living in London, all combine to create a unique educational environment.

Speaking about his experiences with Expense Reduction Analysts, Bill Scott concludes, “I have been very impressed by Expense Reduction Analysts professional and unobtrusive approach both to our staff and suppliers and have no hesitation in recommending Expense Reduction Analysts to any business or organisation that wishes to reduce its overheads & improve its savings.”

  • Communications: 21%
  • Energy: 35%
  • Toners: 10%
  • Print: 12%
  • Stationery: 25%
  • Merchant Cards: 57%

“All of the projects undertaken by Expense Reduction Analysts have delivered profits.”

Bill ScottFinance Director
Project consultants

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