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Tilney Group

Tilney have since merged with Bestinvest to form Tilney Bestinvest.

Annual savings of £140,000 The Tilney Group

The Tilney Group is a dedicated fund-management house with a network of offices around the UK, but with its roots firmly in Liverpool. With over 160 years experience in financial services and in excess of £5billion of client funds currently under management, the fund management expertise within the group was never in doubt.

However, Tilney‘s management had for some time toyed with the idea of externally reviewing its overheads, and following an introduction to Expense Reduction Analysts‘ consultant Steve Rhodes and Neil Cullen, Tilney‘s Financial Controller Mike Walsh-Clayton asked Expense Reduction Analysts‘ to review the areas of stationery, computer consumables and print.

Having established many long-term supplier relationships, Tilney was reluctant to change any suppliers without good reason and was very keen, where possible, to support business in the Merseyside area. Giving due consideration to this requirement, the initial reviews identified savings of 31% on stationery, 28% on computer consumables and 28% on print, with minimal change to supplier arrangements. Further reviews identified savings of 15% on couriers and 32% on electricity. Total annual savings achieved for Tilney now stand at approximately £140,000.

Mike Walsh-Clayton of Tilney says, “Naturally I am very pleased with the level of savings achieved as a result of Expense Reduction Analysts‘ profit improvement reviews. Furthermore I am impressed by the level of professionalism and customer support provided by Expense Reduction Analysts through the implementation process and beyond.”

  • Print: 28%
  • Computer Consumables: 28%
  • Stationery: 31%
  • Couriers: 15%
  • Electricity: 32%

“I am very pleased with the level of savings Expense Reduction Analysts achieved for us and by their level of professionalism and customer support.”

Mike Walsh-Clayton
Project consultants